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Order Forms

Even if visitors don’t complete the order form, you can easily bring them back by sending them coupons or discounts.

Payment Forms

You cannot intercept credit card forms, but you can acquire the email address of potential customers.

Registration Forms

Prevent users from leaving your website during the registration process by sending them reminders and coupons.

Checkout Page

It is a known fact that if the payment page on your website consists of 2 or more pages, then you will lose 30-70% of purchases. Even if you think that your payment page is perfect, then what percentage of people leave before filling it out to the end? Thanks to our services, you can easily check.

Order Page

If a user went to the order page, but didn’t continue to the payment page - this means that they were confused or bothered by something. For example, too many fields in the form, slow loading, or maybe an error on you server. With our help, you can promptly contact the customer and return them to your website.

Unique Analytics

Deep analytics are always the key to success for any online store. You have to understand what is turning your visitors away from making a purchase, and which weak spots are interfering with orders. Thanks to our analytics, you can not only discover weak spots in your website form, but also bring back customers.

A Step Ahead of Your Competition

When visitors leave your website without completing the payment form, it is most likely that they went to your competition. You can contact them, offer them a discount and find out which of your competitors lowered their prices or offered better conditions.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing is nothing more than a struggle for a customer’s love. Before, you could work only with people who made purchases at your store. But now you can work with the most interesting group of customers - those who wanted to make a purchase but changed their minds. These are the kind of people who are able to give you the most valuable information, which will help improve your store and increase sales.

Customer Strategies

In addition to analytics and increasing sales, our system helps you improve your understanding of potential customers. You can read what website visitors wanted to say, but, for some reason, reconsidered. Acquiring this information will allow you to better understand what your customers want and why they left you for your competition.


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