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Gather More Data

Simply fill out the registration form on our website and enter your website URL. Our script scans your site and displays all of your forms. Choose the forms you want to collect data from and you’re all set.

Convert Leads Into Sales

Choose if you want to receive notification emails, set up automated follow-up emails, or simply store data in your control panel. All partial submissions will be stored on our servers and be available to you 24/7.

More Leads - More Sales

If you don't want to miss out on any possible leads, you should definitely use our services. You will be surprised by how many leads you can get by collecting information from forms that were not submitted. More Data = More Leads & More Sales. Don't give your competitors a chance, get ahead of the competition!

Additional Features


Features & Benefits

Spam Detection

Our system detects spam, essentially bot requests, and blocks them. We analyze site user behavior and, in the case of suspicious activity, move these requests to the spam folder.

PGP Encryption

All the data on the server is encrypted, only you can access it. Even we can’t look at your data in the database without a PGP key.

Filter by Geolocation

If you work in several countries and have sales managers in various countries, you can configure the sending of notifications based on the lead’s location. In this way, requests from the U.S. will go the U.S. sales department, while requests from Russia will go the sales department in Russia.

Team Collaboration

You can configure access for all employees in your office, whereby you can establish certain employee access rights to each form. For example, the marketing department will have access to order forms, while the support department will access the feedback forms.

Filters and Notifications

You can send notifications and data from various forms to different departments. For example, you can send data from feedback forms to the support department, and data from order forms to the marketing team. You can configure how often you want to receive notifications about the completion of forms, as well as block spam.

Advanced Geolocation

Depending on geolocation, you can send messages from users to different employers. For example, if you have requests in English and Spanish, then you can create rules by which English-speaking employers can take requests from England and the U.S., and Spanish-speaking employers will receive requests from Mexico and Spain.


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