Partial Entry Forms

Recover Lost Leads

Capture real-time data from users who abandoned your form before hitting 'Submit' button.

Collect data in real-time as it is entered on your forms. Recover lost leads, collect incomplete form submission.

With our services you can contact visitors who didn’t complete the forms to see if they need assistance, send them friendly reminders, coupon codes or promotions.

Install JS Code

Simply fill out the registration form, enter your website URL, copy the JavaScript code and install it onto your website.

Gather More Data

Recover lost leads, emails, phone numbers and other contact information left behind in abandoned forms.

Get More Leads & Sales

Form incompletion rates can reach up to 80%. Don't let your customers go to your competitors, get them come back and order from you.

Main Benefits

And Benefits

Conversion Rates

Improve your conversion rates by capturing real-time data from users who didn’t complete your form before hitting the submit button. Improve the success rate of contact pages, event registrations, lead generations and more. With our services you can contact visitors who didn’t complete the forms to see if they need assistance, send them friendly reminders, coupon codes or promotions. This is a unique opportunity to capture lost leads and convert them into sales.

Recover Lost Leads

Every uncompleted form is a missed opportunity and a loss in revenue. According to the latest statistics, more than 50% of visitors don’t complete contact forms. This means that 2 out of 4 website visitors never return to finish their form submission. With our services you can send automated emails, schedule automatic mailings, send reminders, and more. With our unique services you can: recover lost leads, gather more user behavior information, and fix your forms and pages to convert more visitors into leads.

Find Weak Points

What makes visitors click away? Is there something wrong with the forms or landing pages? We will help you find out. Most people will not complete your forms. A form completion rate of 100% is impossible. But we will help you to find all the weak points on your website. The reports on the overall number of uncompleted forms are available in the backend. You can easily keep track of the total number of uncompleted forms, emails sent, and successfully recovered forms. 

How It Works

And Configuration

Sign Up & Install JS Code

Simply fill out the registration form on our website and enter your website URL. Our script scans your site and displays all of your forms. Choose the forms you want to collect data from and you’re all set.

Setup Rules & Gather Information

Choose if you want to receive notification emails, set up automated follow-up emails, or simply store data in your control panel. All partial submissions will be stored on our servers and be available to you 24/7.

Get More Leads & Sales

If you don't want to miss out on any possible leads, you should definitely use our services. You will be surprised by how many leads you can get by collecting information from forms that were not submitted. More Data = More Leads & More Sales. Don't give your competitors a chance, get ahead of the competition!

Additional Features


Features & Benefits

Data Collection

Collect data that is filled out on a form even when visitors don’t click the submit button.

Capture Lost Leads

Convert more visitors into leads: gather more data, send emails, coupon codes or promotions.

Gather More Data

The more data you gather – the more leads you get. Don't miss a single visitor, get ahead of your competitors.

Automated Emails

Send personalized automated emails to customers and visitors who partially filled out the forms.

Advanced Analytics

Our advanced analytics show you everything you need to optimize your forms for more conversions.

Conversion Rate

Recover lost leads, gather more information, and fix your forms to convert more visitors into leads.



Asked Questions

Is it possible to collect the information from credit card fields?

No. For security purposes, our software does not collect any data from credit card fields. It's also illegal in many countries to save credit card details or any other sensitive data on your server.

Is it legal to capture data from forms? How about GDPR?

It is legal! Form abandonment emails are allowed under the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union (EU). But you need explicit consent from your customers. As long as you get the explicit consent of your customers, your form abandonment email is GDPR compliant then. The visitor may also be able to request for their data to be removed.


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